In this paper, we describe a magnetic resonance method of measuring material elasticity using a single-sided magnet with a permanent static field gradient. This method encodes sample velocity in a reciprocal space using Hahn spin-echoes with variable timing. The experimental results show a strong correlation between magnetic resonance signal attenuation and elasticity when an oscillating force is applied on the sample. This relationship in turn provides us with information about the displacement velocity experienced by the sample, which is inversely proportional to Young's modulus. The proposed method shows promise in offering a portable and cost-effective magnetic resonance elastography system.

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Keywords elastography, elastometry, MRE, MRI, single-sided magnet, stiffness, velocity
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Journal Measurement Science and Technology
Tan, C.S. (Carl S.), Marble, A.E. (Andrew E.), & Ono, Y. (2012). Magnetic resonance elastometry using a single-sided permanent magnet. Measurement Science and Technology, 23(4). doi:10.1088/0957-0233/23/4/045703