In this work we are interested in the fast simulation of ultrashort and intense laser pulses propagating in macroscopic nonlinear media. In this goal, we consider the numerical micro-macro Maxwell-Schrödinger-Plasma model originally presented by Lorin et al. [9,10]. Although this model is, in theory, applicable to large domains, due to its computational complexity, only short distances of propagation could be considered (less than 1. mm so far, see [9]). In the present paper, we explore some simple, but fast and accurate techniques allowing to reduce the computational complexity by a large factor (up to 60) and then to consider larger domains. This reduction is naturally essential to make this model relevant to study realistic laser-matter interactions at a macroscopic scale. Numerical simulations are proposed to illustrate the chosen approach.

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Keywords Numerical nonlinear quantum optics
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Journal Journal of Computational Science
Lorin, E, & Bandrauk, A.D. (2012). Efficient and accurate numerical modeling of a micro-macro nonlinear optics model for intense and short laser pulses. Journal of Computational Science, 3(3), 159–168. doi:10.1016/j.jocs.2011.12.004