The dynamic topologies of mobile and wireless ad hoc networks affect voice communication applications. Difficult issues are wireless links with time-varying capacity and large loss rates, available bandwidth undergoing fast time-scale variations due to channel fading and physical obstacles, absence of centralized components assisting session set up and management, and instability of routes. The purpose of this paper is to survey research works that have been conducted to address these difficulties with an emphasis on the support of point-to-point voice sessions. The survey covers six complementary aspects: voice over ad hoc network architecture, route selection, bandwidth reservation and admission control, adaptive applications and security.

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Keywords Ad hoc network, Adaptive application, Admission control, Bandwidth reservation, MANET, Network architecture, Network security, Routing, Session Initiation Protocol
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Journal Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Barbeau, M. (2012). Point-to-point voice over ad hoc networks: A survey. Pervasive and Mobile Computing (Vol. 8, pp. 376–387). doi:10.1016/j.pmcj.2011.11.003