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Keywords "difference" a social construction - between people, inherent nor inevitable, spatially producing through human actions, Categories of otherness - populated, historically and into present day, people and places, Categorizations and differences - engendering, power relations resulting in social hierarchies across time and distance., Courtenay, tiny town on Canada's southwest coast - economy reliant on fishing, logging, tourism, conceptions of "difference" underpinning violent actions, Difference, like other slippery words - in humanities and social sciences, a protean term denoting equally contested and mutable, Immanuel Kant, ascribing four-category Linnean model - theories of natural division, hereditary difference, environmental determinism as engine of evolution, Kant's geography of human difference - propounded in Physical Geography, Ontological tensions in/of society and space - and differences, Social geographers, and "difference" - theoretical and empirical focus of research, shifting over time, Social geographers, thinking differently - relating to class, sexuality, race, ethnicity, gender, ability and questions of power expressed spatially
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de Leeuw, S. (Sarah), Kobayashi, A. (Audrey), & Cameron, E. (2011). Difference. doi:10.1002/9781444395211.ch2