In this paper, we present a multiple description video coding algorithm based on error-resilient and error concealment set partitioning in hierarchical trees (ERC-SPIHT). In this proposed approach, additional redundancy is generated by wavelet decomposing the spatial root subband and such redundancy is then intentionally inserted into the substreams. As a result, the novelty of the proposed approach is that the root subband coefficients lost during transmission in any substream can be reconstructed by exploiting both inherent redundancy and inserted redundancy. This reconstruction procedure is implemented in two steps, first by using existing 2-D error concealment techniques, and second with the proposed root subband recovery approach. The former step is used to estimate the missing coefficients in the spatial root and high frequency subbands by exploiting the inherent redundancy, while the latter attempts to utilize the inserted redundancy to further improve the precision in the estimation of the missing spatial root subband coefficients. The proposed root subband recovery method can be iteratively applied and accuracy of the reconstruction can be gradually increased with each iteration. Experimental results on different video sequences show that the proposed method maintains error-resilience with high coding efficiency. In particular, our results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm achieves a significant improvement on video quality by up to 2.5753 dB in the presence of a substream loss compared to ERC-SPIHT.

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Keywords Error concealment, error-resilience multiple description coding, set partitioning in hierarchical trees (SPIHT)
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Journal IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
Zhu, J. (Jie), & Dansereau, R. (2012). Error-resilient and error concealment 3-D SPIHT for multiple description video coding with added redundancy. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 22(6), 855–868. doi:10.1109/TCSVT.2011.2179453