The top-rated show in the history of Quebec television is an episode of La petite vie (aired in March 1995), a Radio-Canada sitcom starring Serge Thériault and Claude Meunier in the roles of "Moman" and "Popa" Paré. In the 1980s, under the name of "Ding et Dong," Thériault and Meunier had developed a very popular nightclub comedy routine, which included skits featuring Moman and Popa. When they brought their characters to the small screen, the duo created a veritable cultural phenomenon throughout French Canada. Yet, when Meunier and Thériault tried to adapt their routine for the big screen in Ding et Dong, le film, critics unanimously panned the movie. Through an examination of cultural and formal aspects of Thériault and Meunier's nightclub comedy act, television series and feature film, this article seeks to explicate the extraordinary success of Moman and Popa on the small screen, and the failure of Ding and Dong on film.

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Journal Canadian Journal of Film Studies
Loiselle, A. (2006). A small life for the small screen: On the cultural phenomenon of the sitcom la petite vie and the critical failure of the feature Ding et Dong, le film. Canadian Journal of Film Studies, 15(1), 8–27.