Open Source Software (OSS) is now a recognized practice that has been embraced by many Information Technology companies. Still, in Canada, OSS has not been widely accepted in the field of simulation based training. OpenEOIR is a prototype OSS implementation of a low fidelity Electro- Optic and Infra-Red (EOIR) synthetic environment similar to that which would be required for EOIR operator training. The aim of OpenEOIR is to investigate the state of the art of OSS within the context of simulation based training applications. OpenEOIR is constructed as an OSS stack using simulation projects such as OpenEaagles, CIGI, MPV and Delta3D. The prototype is implemented in C++ and released under the LGPL. The development was undertaken by one student with no prior M & S expertise, and shows that virtually all of the required functionality can be obtained directly from OSS. This paper describes the design, implementation and results of the OpenEOIR prototype and outlines the level of effort required. Copyright

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Conference Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop 2009, 2009 Fall SIW
Castonguay, P. (Patrick), & Pearce, T. (2009). OpenEOIR - An open source simulation based electro-optic sensor training environment prototype. Presented at the Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop 2009, 2009 Fall SIW.