Although theatrical representations of the past have been examined by theatre and performance studies scholars, public historians have preferred to focus on historical re-enactments in living history sites, museums, or on film and television. This article argues that theatre is a compelling site for representing and understanding the past through a case study of one of the most performed plays in recent Canadian repertoire, Vern Theissen's Vimy. Drawing on a survey of audience members and the author's experiences as an academic historian working with a national theatre company, it proposes ways in which further study and practice can illuminate our understanding of the public and its pasts.

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Keywords Memory, National surveys, Performance, Re-enactment, Theatre
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Journal Public Historian
Dean, D. (2012). Teatre: A neglected site of public history?. Public Historian (Vol. 34, pp. 21–39). doi:10.1525/tph.2012.34.3.21