To evaluate the presence of contaminating nonhost proteins in commercially prepared rice and maize starch samples, we initiated a direct sequencing mass spectrometric proteomics survey. We discovered nonhost proteins from a variety of species, including Phytophthora cinnamomi, Homarus americanus, and Ovis aries. Our documentation of H. americanus proteins in these starch samples may have food safety implications with regard to shellfish allergies. We hypothesize that these proteins were introduced to the starch samples via process wash water used in the milling and deproteination steps in the commercial preparation of the starches analyzed. The introduction of nonhost proteins during commercial processing of starch samples that are used routinely in analytical studies indicates that these studies are using impure materials. Therefore, further study and documentation of the starch samples is required to ensure that all components of the samples are properly catalogued.

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Journal Cereal Chemistry
Koziol, A.G. (Adam G.), Marquez, B.K. (Benazir K.), Huebsch, M.P. (Matthew P.), Smith, J. C, & Altosaar, I. (Illimar). (2012). Commercially produced rice and maize starches contain nonhost proteins, as shown by mass spectrometry. Cereal Chemistry, 89(5), 262–264. doi:10.1094/CCHEM-04-12-0043-N