Research has established relationships between the personality dimensions of neuroticism and BIS and broad negative emotional reactivity. However, few researchers have examined the relationships among neuroticism, BIS, and discrete negative emotional reactivities. The present study examined whether individuals scoring high on neuroticism and BIS were more reactive across four discrete negative mood inductions, relative to those scoring low on these traits. Participants (n= 166) completed personality questionnaires, measures of current mood, viewed a specific mood-inducing film clip (sadness, anger, fear or disgust) and then reported their moods a second time. Results revealed that neuroticism/BIS was associated with high reactivity to the fear and sadness inductions. Neuroticism/BIS did not predict anger or disgust reactivity, but neuroticism/BIS and extraversion/BAS interacted in predicting anger. Although further research is needed to extend generalizability, it appears that neuroticism and BIS predict negative emotional reactivity broadly, but not ubiquitously.

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Keywords Behavioral inhibition system, Emotion, Mood, Neuroticism, Reactivity
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Journal Personality and Individual Differences
Thake, J. (Jennifer), & Zelenski, J. (2013). Neuroticism, BIS, and reactivity to discrete negative mood inductions. Personality and Individual Differences, 54(2), 208–213. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2012.08.041