Thermodynamic stability of diatomic dications is an unusual phenomenon, which is mostly restricted to noble gas compounds. Potential energy curves are reported for the four MgX2+ diatomic dications listed in the title. Of the four, MgN2+, MgF2+ and MgNe2+ are thermodynamically stable, i.e. lie below their lowest dissociation limits, by 0.59, 0.82 and 0.48 eV, respectively. MgO2+ has the largest kinetic stability, with an effective dissociation barrier of 1.33 eV. Possible modes of formation of these dications are discussed.

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Journal Chemical Physics Letters
Kolbuszewski, M. (Marcin), & Wright, J.S. (1994). Thermodynamically stable diatomic dications: MgN2+, MgO2+, MgF2+ and MgNe2+. Chemical Physics Letters, 218(4), 338–342. doi:10.1016/0009-2614(94)E1489-H