This research applies the personality metaphor to examine the U.S. brand personality in Argentina. An extensive multinational exploratory study was conducted to identify the most common personality traits associated to country names. Subsequently, a descriptive study was carried out in Argentina with a sample of the general population with the following objectives in mind: (a) to develop a scale to measure the U.S. brand personality in Argentina; and (b) to determine whether this scale comprises good predictors of intentions to behave toward the United States. Results indicate that the U.S. brand personality is a multidimensional construct comprised of four main dimensions (facets): amicableness (cordiality and modesty), resourcefulness (vibrant and erudite), neuroticism (toughness and tyrannical), and spirited. An overall view indicates that Argentines' perceptions of the U.S. brand personality encompass a bipolar personality type, where mainly the facet vibrancy battles with toughness personality traits. The emergent Brand Personality Scale is a significant predictor of Argentines' behavioral intentions toward the United States.

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Keywords nation (country) brand personality, personality traits, scale development
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Journal Latin American Business Review
Rojas-Mendez, J, & Papadopoulos, N. (2012). Argentine Consumers' Perceptions of the U.S. Brand Personality. Latin American Business Review, 13(4), 329–345. doi:10.1080/10978526.2012.749113