This article delineates concepts of eco-modernisation and urban sustainability (including its associated discourses), elucidating Foucault's notion of governmentality and examining select moments of contested urban governance in the neighbourhood of Old Ottawa South, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It shows how intensification - a "compact city approach" to urban sustainability - as both policy and practice, serves to both discipline and regulate by "conducting the conduct" of environmental and entrepreneurial subjects. It reveals that zoning has more explicitly become a political technology (albeit a flexible one) for achieving "highest and best use" of private property, privileging intensification projects proposed by developers, through a hierarchical exercise of state power that privileges market processes, while undermining community values and priorities.

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Keywords governmentality, urban governance, urban intensification, urban planning, urban sustainability
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Journal Local Environment
Leffers, D. (Donald), & Ballamingie, P. (2013). Governmentality, environmental subjectivity, and urban intensification. Local Environment, 18(2), 134–151. doi:10.1080/13549839.2012.719016