A reduced-size, low-cost, low insertion loss power divider operating over a very broad bandwidth from 57-86GHz is designed, manufactured, tested, and presented in this paper. The proposed design is fabricated in a glass-substrate IPD (integrated passive device) technology and has a chip area of 0.435×0.36 mm2. A size-reduction of 33% compared to a conventional microstrip Wilkinson power divider has been achieved by using high-impedance modified coplanar waveguide (M-CPW) transmission lines, which are loaded at their ends with microstrip open-circuited stubs. The measured results showed an insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB over a frequency range of 50-67 GHz; the EM simulation results showed an insertion of less than 1.4 dB loss over a frequency range of 50-90 GHz. The proposed design is well suited for low-cost system-in-package (SiP) radio front-ends for multiband 60/70/80-GHz high data rate wireless communications systems.

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Keywords 60/70/80-GHz bands, CPW transmission lines, IPD technology, Wilkinson power divider
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/APMC.2012.6421869
Conference 2012 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, APMC 2012
Haroun, I. (Ibrahim), Lin, T.-Y. (Ta-Yeh), Chang, D.-C. (Da-Chiang), & Plett, C. (2012). A reduced-size, low-loss 57-86 GHz IPD-based power divider using loaded modified CPW transmission lines. Presented at the 2012 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, APMC 2012. doi:10.1109/APMC.2012.6421869