We calculate the decay widths of the 1 3F2 and 1 3F4 ss̄ mesons and compare them to the measured properties of the ξ(2220) [now known as the f4(2220)]. Including previously neglected decay modes we find that the width of the 3F2 state ss̄ meson is much larger than previously believed, making this explanation unlikely. On the other hand the predicted width of the 3F4 state, although broader than the observed width, is consistent within the uncertainties of the model. This interpretation predicts large partial widths to KK*(892) and K*(892)K*(892) final states which should be looked for. A second possibility that would account for the different properties of the ξ(2220) seen in different experiments is that two hadronic states exist at this mass. The first would be a broader 3F4 ss̄ state which is seen in hadron beam experiments while the second would be a narrow state with high glue content seen in the gluon rich J/ψ radiative decay. Further experimental results are needed to sort this out.

Physical Review D
Department of Physics

Blundell, H.G. (Harry G.), & Godfrey, S. (1996). ξ(2220) reexamined: Strong decays of the 1 3F2 and 1 3F4 ss̄ mesons. Physical Review D, 53(7), 3700–3711. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.53.3700