The excitation of surface Plasmon resonances (SPRs) in nanometric-scale gold-coated tilted fiber Bragg gratings (TFBGs) strongly depends on the input state of polarization (SOP) of the core guided light. It was recently shown that rotating the linear state of polarization of the guided light by 90° with respect to the grating tilt allows not only to turn the SPR on and off but also to automate the extraction of the refractometric data. In this paper, we thoroughly analyze the dependency of the cladding mode resonances of gold-coated TFBGs with respect to the SOP. Our experimental results bring additional information about the behavior of these plasmonic platforms.

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Keywords Fiber Bragg gratings, Gold coating, Light polarization, Optical fibers, Plasmonics, Refractometry, Sensors, Tilted gratings
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Conference 22nd International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors
Caucheteur, C., Voisin, V., Mégret, P., & Albert, J. (2012). Polarization dependency of surface Plasmon resonance based tilted fiber Bragg gratings refractometers. Presented at the 22nd International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors. doi:10.1117/12.975031