As part of a study of community attitudes toward adoption, 82 Canadians responded to questions concerning the importance of biological inheritance for determining child outcome, whether it is important for a person to know a great deal about his or her biological background, and what particular things a person should know about his or her biological background. Substantial support existed for the need to know one's biological background, especially medical history. Reference to scientific studies, genes, and genetics were strongly associated with "very important" responses; but parenting and sociocultural family environment were viewed as mediating the influence of biological inheritance. Implications for adoption practice are considered.

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Keywords adoption, biological inheritance, child outcome, gender attitudes, genetic discourse
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Journal Journal of Family Social Work
March, K.R, & Miall, C.E. (Charlene E.). (2013). Talking About Genetics: Community Perceptions of the Importance of Biological Inheritance for Determining Child Outcome. Journal of Family Social Work, 16(2), 184–200. doi:10.1080/10522158.2012.762595