Design patterns for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provide solutions to architectural, design and implementation problems, involving software models in different layers of a SOA design. For performance analysis, a performance model can be generated from the SOA design and used to predict its performance. The impact of the design patterns is also reflected in the performance model. It is helpful to be able to trace the causality from the design pattern to its predicted performance impact. This paper describes a technique for automatically refactoring a SOA design model by applying a design pattern and for propagating the incremental changes to its LQN performance model. A SOA design model is expressed in UML extended with two standard profiles: SoaML for expressing SOA solutions and MARTE for performance annotations. The SOA design pattern is specified using a Role Based Modeling Language (RBML) and their application is automated using QVT-O. Automated incremental transformations are explored and evaluated for effectiveness on a case study example.

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Keywords change propagation, lqn, model change, service-based systems, soa pattern, software performance
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Conference 2013 4th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering, ICPE 2013
Mani, N. (Nariman), Petriu, D, & Woodside, M. (Murray). (2013). Propagation of incremental changes to performance model due to SOA design pattern application. Presented at the 2013 4th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering, ICPE 2013. doi:10.1145/2479871.2479887