The availability of low loss waveguide bends in photonic crystal structures makes possible numerous integrated optic devices. The method proposed in this presentation consists of introducing a dielectric shift equivalent to a sheer displacement along a segment of the photonic crystal waveguide and results in a double bent waveguide. The degree of sheer determines the waveguide deflection angle. Theoretical analysis is performed using FDTD and PWM and predicts low loss bends. Experiments are performed in the microwave regime using an array of alumina rods in air over the 2 to 14 GHz range and confirm theoretical predictions.

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Keywords Low loss bends, Microwave measurements, Photonic crystal, Waveguide, Y branch splitter
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Conference Silicon Photonics VIII
Kaushal, D. (Deepak), & Gauthier, R. (2013). Experimental demonstration of 2D photonic crystal, triangular lattice, small angle, low loss y-splitter at microwave frequencies. Presented at the Silicon Photonics VIII. doi:10.1117/12.2004797