Approaches to urban contestation that challenge the dichotomy between institutionalization and opposition, and understand contestation as including engagement, are explored. The emphasis is on how recent forms of feminist analysis and critical scholarship open up a conceptual terrain for such thinking, and the discussion is grounded using further details of City for All Women Initiative/Initiative: une ville pour toutes les femmes (CAWI-IVTF), which is seen to be a concrete, successful case. Its tactics and strategies are noteworthy because of the manner in which ideas drawn from feminist and progressive organizing in other (including non-urban and non-Western) contexts have been incorporated. CAWI-IVTF's successes are most striking in relation to women who previously felt alienated from local politics. The organization's rationale, strategies, and tactics provide insights into how women active in this network create new spatialities, and how their interactions in space are producing new political subjects.

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Keywords contestation, engagement, feminist, subjectivities, urban
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Journal Urban Geography
Klodawsky, F, Siltanen, J, & Andrew, C. (Caroline). (2013). Urban contestation in a feminist register. Urban Geography, 34(4), 541–559. doi:10.1080/02723638.2013.799316