Strong field atomic and molecular interactions can be understood by following electronic dynamics inside the laser cycle. This quasistatic perspective introduces the subfemtosecond time scale into strong-field dynamics through time-dependent Born-Oppenheimer surfaces. We discuss both theoretical and experimental results in atomic and molecular ionization and dissociation with applications to femtochemistry. An all-optical Coulomb explosion method for determining time-dependent molecular structure and properties is demonstrated. The concept of time-dependent Born-Oppenheimer surfaces is used to study molecular dissociation and exchange reactions in infrared fields.

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Keywords Dissociation, Exchange reactions, Timed Coulomb explosions, Trications
Corkum, P.B. (Paul B.), Ivanov, M.Yu. (Misha Yu.), & Wright, J.S. (1997). Subfemtosecond processes in strong laser fields.