The layered queueing network model has been very useful for solving performance models of distributed systems with client-server interactions. Fast analytic solutions exist for a broad range of models. However, models which contain elements which cannot be solved using approximate mean value analysis (MVA) must instead be solved using simulation. In this work, a hybrid solution strategy is used where MVA is used for part of the solution, and another solver, in this case simulation, is used for the remainder. This differs from other work where the analytic LQN solver was used as part of a solution because these other approaches have always solved a complete layered model as part of the overall solution. The preliminary results here show that the hybrid approach has roughly the same accuracy as the full analytic approach.

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Conference Computer Measurement Group International Conference, CMG 2012
Li, L. (Lianhua), & Franks, G. (2012). Hybrid solution of layered qeueing networks. Presented at the Computer Measurement Group International Conference, CMG 2012.