The core refractive index of Corning SMF-28 optical fibre exposed to ArF laser pulses increases with the square of the fluence per pulse. Bragg gratings with a refractive index modulation amplitude higher than 10 -3 have been obtained. This is an order of magnitude improvement over previously reported values for this type of fibre in the absence of treatment to enhance the photosensitivity.
Electronics Letters
Department of Electronics

Malo, B. (B.), Albert, J, Hill, K.O. (K. O.), Bilodeau, F. (F.), Johnson, D.C. (D. C.), & Theriault, S. (S.). (1995). Enhanced photosensitivity in lightly doped standard telecommunication fibre exposed to high fluence ArF excimer laser light. Electronics Letters, 31(11), 879–880. doi:10.1049/el:19950624