Partition of unity parametrics (PUPs) are a recent framework designed for geometric modeling. We propose employing PUPs for procedural texture synthesis, taking advantage of the framework's guarantees of high continuity and local support. Using PUPs to interpolate among data values distributed through the plane, the problem of texture synthesis can be approached from the perspective of point placement and attribute assignment. We present several alternative mechanisms for point distribution and demonstrate how the system is able to produce a variety of distinct classes of texture, including analogs to cellular texture, Perlin noise, and progressively-variant textures. Copyright held by authors.

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Keywords Computer graphics [1.3.3]: Picture/image generation - Line and curve generation
Conference 39th Graphics Interface Conference, GI 2013
Caron, J. (Jack), & Mould, D. (2013). Partition of unity parametrics for texture synthesis. Presented at the 39th Graphics Interface Conference, GI 2013.