The past two decades have seen considerable growth in new apprenticeship registrations in Canada. However, this has not been matched by a corresponding increase in completions. Across provinces, trades and time, there is considerable variation in apprenticeship completion rates. In Canada, apprenticeship programmes are provincially regulated and there are differences in programme requirements across trades, provinces and time. This paper asks to what extent the differences in completion rates are related to differences in the structure of apprenticeship programmes. There is little evidence to support the view that either the length of the work experience term or the technical training requirement acts as a barrier to completion. However, there is some evidence to suggest that the format in which technical training is delivered is related to completion rates.

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Keywords apprenticeship completions, programme requirements
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Journal Journal of Vocational Education and Training
Coe, P. (2013). Apprenticeship programme requirements and apprenticeship completion rates in Canada. Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 65(4), 575–605. doi:10.1080/13636820.2013.855649