We propose a novel transmission range assignment for one-dimensional wireless networks. Unlike the commonly used identical range assignment (IRA), the proposed scheme depends on the spatial density of network nodes and is based on maintaining the same average number of nodes cal K in the transmission range of any arbitrary network node. We demonstrate that, for a given average power consumption, the proposed assignment can achieve a higher probability of connectivity between source and destination compared with IRA. Furthermore, our approach, on average, has a contention level bounded above by cal K, while in IRA, this quantity can take much larger values.

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Keywords 1-D wireless ad hoc networks, contention level, Energy-efficient transmission range assignment, nonhomogeneous Poisson distribution, probability of connectivity
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/WCL.2013.070913.130310
Journal IEEE Wireless Communications Letters
Ataei, M.R. (Mohammad R.), Banihashemi, A, & Kunz, T. (2013). An energy-efficient transmission range assignment for 1-D wireless Ad Hoc networks. IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 2(5), 543–546. doi:10.1109/WCL.2013.070913.130310