Maker Fringe measurements are a common method for measuring the second-order non-linear coefficient of materials. Typically these measurements are made with laser sources that have pulse lengths exceeding 10 ps. In this presentation we will explore the use of a femtosecond source in a Maker Fringe measurement. We will look at how femtosecond Maker Fringes differ from those made with longer pulse sources. We will compare our theoretical calculations to experiments performed in poled silica.

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Keywords Maker Fringe, Non-linear Optics, Optical Modulator, Poling, Second Harmonic
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Conference Photonics North 2013 Conference
Smelser, C, & Yadav, K. (Ksenia). (2013). Femtosecond maker fringe analysis of induced second-order non-linearities in poled silica. Presented at the Photonics North 2013 Conference. doi:10.1117/12.2037095