Cephalia occasionally have axillary branching in all three tribes of South American cephaliumbearing cacti. I document axillary branching of the cephalium of Espostoa ritteri (synonym: E. lanata), as well as provide three arguments for why axillary branching of cephalia should not be constrained by the physics of having a massive leaning lateral shoot.

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Keywords Cephalocereus, Coleocephalocereus, lateral cephalium, Plant physics
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.2985/026.019.0103
Journal Haseltonia
Gorelick, R. (2014). Axillary branching of lateral cephalia in cactaceae is not constrained by tilting of shoot apices. Haseltonia, (19), 13–16. doi:10.2985/026.019.0103