Purpose: This paper aims to report on a study of wine regions in five countries that assessed whether and how wineries use their web sites to provide information to and attract wine tourists. Design/methodology/approach: Content analysis of winery web sites from wine regions in five countries (Australia, Canada, Chile, France, USA) was conducted. Findings: While the majority of wineries in the study utilized web sites to provide information to consumers, there were significant differences in the effectiveness with which they did so. Wineries desiring to attract tourist visitors should ensure that basic information content is present (e.g. hours of operation, directions to the winery). Although some wineries have begun to engage consumers on mobile platforms, more can be done to ensure access to information at all stages of the tourist visit process. Research limitations/implications: Due to time and budget constraints, the study evaluated the web sites in only some wine regions of five wine-producing countries. Future researchers can build on this study by evaluating winery web sites in additional wine regions and countries. Practical implications: The authors identify practical ways in which wineries can enhance the information they provide via their web sites to attract winery visitors and augment cellar door sales. Originality/value: Previous research has examined winery web sites at the level of the destination marketing organization or individual winery within a country; the authors look at individual winery web sites in international comparison. Wineries seeking to attract tourists to their cellar door operations can thus evaluate their online communications in comparison with national and international competitors and best practices.

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Keywords Content analysis, Marketing, Tourism development, Wines
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1108/IJWBR-07-2012-0022
Journal International Journal of Wine Business Research
Neilson, L, & Madill, J. (Judith). (2014). Using winery web sites to attract wine tourists: An international comparison. International Journal of Wine Business Research, 26(1), 2–26. doi:10.1108/IJWBR-07-2012-0022