The shock of the modern has given way to global and transnational shifts and cultural displacements. What ethical demands have been created by this and what new models of thinking enable us to meet their challenge? Writing across the disciplines of sociology, literature, film, anthropology, and museology, the contributors examine the way in which radical postmodern shifts around knowledge and value have mobilized new relations between ourselves and others and transformed a range of cultural practices. This volume includes philosophical reflections and essays on museums and memory, visual culture, and relations with the other. Postmodernism and the Ethical Subject examines the altered frameworks that simultaneously help us to meet the contemporary challenge and raise the ethical stakes of our historical moment.

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Publisher McGill-Queen's University Press
Vellino, B. (2005). "A network of relations": Ethical interdependence in Bronwen Wallace's talking lyric. In Postmodernism and the Ethical Subject (pp. 302–332). McGill-Queen's University Press.

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