Research in personality and health indicates that Conscientiousness and Consideration of Future Consequences (CFC) individually predict health behavior, but little is known about their combined effects. Two studies explored interactions between Conscientiousness and CFC on healthy eating outcomes in university students. CFC predicted higher intention to consume more fruits and vegetables (Study 1, n= 146) and higher intention to eat healthy (Study 2; n= 191) when Conscientiousness was low but not when it was high. Additionally, high Conscientiousness attenuated the negative association between CFC-Immediate and healthy eating intentions. Compensatory relationships between CFC and Conscientiousness may have implications for health and public policy.

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Keywords Conscientiousness, Consideration of future consequences, Health behavior, Healthy eating, Personality interactions
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Journal Personality and Individual Differences
Gick, M. (2014). An exploration of interactions between Conscientiousness and Consideration of Future Consequences on healthy eating. Personality and Individual Differences, 66, 181–187. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2014.03.020