It has recently been experimentally demonstrated that slot channel waveguides, configured in cylindrical space, can support high azimuthal order modes similar to whispering-gallery modes. This paper presents a mode solver based on Maxwell's vector wave equation for the electric field cast into an eigenvalue problem using a Fourier-Bessel basis function space. The modal frequencies and field profiles of the high azimuthal order slot-channel- whispering-gallery (SCWG) modes are computed for a set of nanometer spaced silicon rings supported by oxide. The computations show, that in addition to the traditionally observed, lowest order mode, the structure may support higher order SCWG modes. We complete the analysis by computing structures response as an ambient medium index of refraction sensor which achieves over 400 nm per RIU sensitivity.

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Keywords Numerical Fourier-Bessel analysis, Resonator, Slot channel waveguide, Steady-state eigenvalue solver, Sub-wavelength structure
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Journal Optics Communications
Gauthier, R, Alzahrani, M.A. (Mohammed A.), & Jafari, S.H. (Seyed Hamed). (2014). Theoretical examination of the slot channel waveguide configured in a cylindrically symmetric dielectric ring profile. Optics Communications, 329, 154–162. doi:10.1016/j.optcom.2014.05.019