This paper reports the results of an online survey done by Global Game Jam (GGJ) participants in January 2012. This is an expansion of an earlier survey of a local game jam event and seeks to validate and extend previous studies. The objectives of this survey were collecting demographic information about the GGJ participants, understanding their motivations, studying the effectiveness of GGJ as a learning and community-building experience, and understanding the process used by GGJ participants to make a computer game in extremely limited time. The survey was done in two phases: pre-jam and post-jam. Collectively, the information in this survey can be used to (1) plan different learning experiences, (2) revise the development process for professional and academic projects, and (3) provide additional elements to game jams or change their structures based on the participants' comments to make them more fruitful.

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Keywords Collaboration, Community, Design, Game Development, Game Development Process, Global Game Jam (GGJ), Learning
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Journal International Journal of Game-Based Learning
Arya, A, Chastine, J. (Jeff), Preston, J. (Jon), & Fowler, A. (Allan). (2013). An international study on learning and process choices in the global game jam. International Journal of Game-Based Learning, 3(4), 27–46. doi:10.4018/ijgbl.2013100103