Real-time video streaming is delay sensitive. It has minimum bandwidth and QoS requirements. Achieving target QoS for video streaming is challenging in a decentralized and self-organized MANET.Cryptography algorithms offer confidentialityofshared data, but they have computation cost. Our work addresses the issue of delay overhead caused by the introduction of cryptography that directly affects video streaming performance. Our proposal is motivated by the possibilities of adaptive security and multimedia service. We make an effort to identify why, when and how to deploy adaptation. We propose QaASs (QoS aware AdaptiveSecurityscheme), anadaptivemechanismthatcounterstheeffectofdelayoverhead by adapting cryptography and multimedia properties, providing QoS while maintaining a requiredlevelofsecurity.Weevaluate our proposal through implementation and simulation.

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Keywords Ad hoc network, Adaptive security, Elliptic curve cryptography, Multimedia security, QoS, Video encryption
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Reza, T.A. (Tahsin Arafat), & Barbeau, M. (2013). QaASs: QoS aware adaptive security scheme for video streaming in MANETs. doi:10.1016/j.jisa.2013.08.003