In smart grid networks, the traditional electrical networks are automated using sensors and control algorithms, where the control information flows in a communication network to the control center. The control information is delay sensitive and requires a reliable communication. Hence, it is necessary to select the best communication technology from the available candidates to satisfy the high Quality of Service (QoS) requirement of control information. Among various applications involved in a smart grid network, providing solution to control non-technical losses including electrical theft is one of the most serious problems in developing countries. Therefore, this paper discusses the suitable communication networks and proposes a framework to control non-technical losses in energy distribution systems. The non-technical losses in customer premises like tampering of electrical devices are conveyed, whereas an unauthorized theft in overhead lines is computed at the control center. Then, the control center identifies the electrical theft in a particular segment of the feeder and tries to identify the exact location using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Finally, the control center finds the nearest staff personnel using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and conveys power loss and theft details using General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network to control the electrical theft.

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Keywords communication networks, electric theft detectionusing UAVs, non-technical losses, Smart grids
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Conference 2014 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies - Asia, ISGT Asia 2014
Rengaraju, P. (Perumalraja), Pandian, S.R. (Shunmugham R.), & Lung, C.H. (2014). Communication networks and non-technical energy loss control system for smart grid networks. Presented at the 2014 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies - Asia, ISGT Asia 2014. doi:10.1109/ISGT-Asia.2014.6873828