In this paper, experimental results of the structural fire behaviour of four large-scale steel frame test assemblies are presented. Test assemblies were made of HSS beams and columns connected together using an innovative extended end-plate moment connection configuration. Two different parameters were investigated, the connection end plate thickness and the degree of beam axial restraint. The fire performance of this beam-to-column configuration was compared to the behaviour of a commonly-used connection configuration with similar parameters and fire testing conditions. The newly-developed connection configuration behaved in a more flexible manner at elevated temperature than the regular configuration. In addition to improved constructability and pleasant appearance, the new connection configuration exhibits greater moment-carrying capacity and enhanced fire resistance characteristics.

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Journal Journal of Structural Fire Engineering
Salem, O. (Osama), Hadjisophocleous, G, & Zalok, E. (2014). Structural fire performance of innovative moment-resisting connection joining steel beams to HSS columns. Journal of Structural Fire Engineering, 5(4), 331–352. doi:10.1260/2040-2317.5.4.331