This paper aims to think differently about possibilities for feminist organizing in cities. We use a current experiment with city-based feminist organizing to explore how it can be possible to work with the local state while at the same time challenging and disrupting understandings and practices that marginalize the diversity of women's needs, contributions and concerns. Trying to work "inside" the local state while maintaining an "outside" critical perspective involves a tricky balancing act between being inside enough to have credibility and effectiveness within the business of city politics and administration, and outside enough to maintain strong connections with the community and grassroots support. In managing this balancing act, we argue that the organization enacts a strategic use of prefiguration both within the organization and when engaging the local state.

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Keywords Feminist organizing, Inclusive cities, Prefiguration, Social change
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Journal Antipode
Siltanen, J, Klodawsky, F, & Andrew, C. (Caroline). (2015). "This is how I want to live my life": An experiment in prefigurative feminist organizing for a more equitable and inclusive city. Antipode, 47(1), 260–279. doi:10.1111/anti.12092