This article offers an assessment of Shekhar Kapur's depiction of the parliamentary making of the Elizabethan settlement in his 1998 film, Elizabeth. The settlement has always been a controversial subject, as indeed have Kapur's cinematic stagings of Elizabethan history. After surveying historians' accounts of the settlement, the author subjects the film's settlement sequence to a careful analysis, reading it as cinema as well as history, and argues that, despite a significant number of historical inaccuracies, the film captures much of value as a filmic representation of the past.

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Keywords Elizabeth I, Elizabethan settlement, film and history, historical representation, Shekhar Kapur
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Journal Parliamentary History
Dean, D. (2015). Staging the settlement: Shekhar Kapur and the parliament of 1559. Parliamentary History (Vol. 34, pp. 30–44). doi:10.1111/1750-0206.12116