This chapter provides an overview of theory and research related to the study of multiple forms of nonsocial play in childhood. Topics covered include: (1) concepts, definitions, and methodologies (with a primary focus on naturalistic observations); (2) theoretical and historical perspectives that have influenced the contemporary study of nonsocial play; (3) a detailed review of the empirical literature pertaining to differences in the underlying meanings and implications of different nonsocial play types; and (4) directions for future research. In particular, the implications of the well-established conceptual and empirical distinctions between different structural forms of nonsocial play are explored.

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Keywords Behavioral observations, Nonsocial play, Social isolation, Social withdrawal, Solitary behaviors, Solitude
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Coplan, R. (2012). Not Just "Playing Alone": Exploring Multiple Forms of Nonsocial Play in Childhood. doi:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780195393002.013.0015