This paper begins by highlighting some of the key contributions of two recent books: Displacement by Development: Ethics, Rights and Responsibilities by Peter Penz, Jay Drydyk and Pablo S. Bose and Ethics of Global Development: Agency, Capability, and Deliberative Democracy by David Crocker. The paper then identifies some of the similarities and differences in their accounts and in particular with respect to the important role of empowerment in Displacement by Development and of participation in Crocker's analysis of deliberative democracy. The result will be a critical evaluation of the respective contributions of these books to development ethics, an assessment of the disagreements between them, and a discussion of how this current work fits with or departs from Sen's and Nussbaum's versions of the capability approach.

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Keywords David Crocker, Deliberative democracy, Development ethics, Displacement, Empowerment, Jay Drydyk, Participation
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Journal Journal of Human Development and Capabilities
Koggel, C. (2015). The Practical and the Theoretical: Comparing Displacement by Development and Ethics of Global Development. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 16(1), 142–153. doi:10.1080/19452829.2014.938727