The focus on this paper is to build an Android platform based mobile application for the healthcare domain, which uses the idea of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing. We have built an application called 'ECG Android App' which provides the end user with visualization of their Electro Cardiogram (ECG) waves and data logging functionality in the background. The logged data can be uploaded to the user's private centralized cloud or a specific medical cloud, which keeps a record of all the monitored data and can be retrieved for analysis by the medical personnel. Though the idea of building a medical application using IoT and cloud techniques is not totally new, there is a lack of empirical studies in building such a system. This paper reviews the fundamental concepts of IoT. Further, the paper presents an infrastructure for the healthcare domain, which consists of various technologies: IOIO microcontroller, signal processing, communication protocols, secure and efficient mechanisms for large file transfer, data base management system, and the centralized cloud. The paper emphasizes on the system and software architecture and design which is essential to overall IoT and cloud based medical applications. The infrastructure presented in the paper can also be applied to other healthcare domains. It concludes with recommendations and extensibilities found for the solution in the healthcare domain.

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Keywords Cloud computing, Healthcare applications, Internet of things, System and software infrastructure
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Mohammed, J. (Junaid), Lung, C.H, Ocneanu, A. (Adrian), Thakral, A. (Abhinav), Jones, C. (Colin), & Adler, A. (2014). Internet of things: Remote patient monitoring using web services and cloud computing. doi:10.1109/iThings.2014.45