In 4G cellular networks, call admission control (CAC) has a direct impact on quality of service (QoS) for individual connections and overall system efficiency. Reservation-based CAC schemes have been previously proposed for cellular networks where a certain amount of system bandwidth is reserved for high-priority calls, e.g., hand-off calls and real-time new calls. Traditional reservation-based schemes are not efficient for 4G vehicular networks, as the reserved bandwidth may not be utilized effectively in low hand-off rates. We propose a channel borrowing approach in which new best effort (BE) calls can borrow the reserved bandwidth for high-priority calls. Later, if a hand-off call arrives and all the channels are busy, it will pre-empt the service of a borrower BE call if there exists any. The pre-empted BE calls are kept in a queue and resume their service whenever a channel becomes available. The analytical model for this scheme is a mixed loss-queueing system for which it is difficult to calculate call blocking probability (CBP) and call dropping probability (CDP). Our focus in this paper is on the system modeling and performance evaluation of the proposed scheme. We present two system models that approximate the operation of the proposed scheme. For these models, we derive the CBP and CDP analytically. It is shown that our analytical results are very close to the ones obtained from simulations. Furthermore, it is observed that our channel borrowing approach decreases the CBP considerably while increases the CDP slightly over a large range of hand-off rates.

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Keywords CBP and CDP, Channel borrowing, Reservation-based call admission control
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Journal Eurasip Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
Halabian, H. (Hassan), Rengaraju, P. (Perumalraja), Lung, C.H, & Lambadaris, I. (2015). A reservation-based call admission control scheme and system modeling in 4G vehicular networks. Eurasip Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2015(1). doi:10.1186/s13638-015-0348-8