Purpose – Information technology (IT) professionals and their intentions to leave an organization have been studied by researchers; however, these studies do not compare the turnover intentions of IT professionals with non-IT professionals from the same institution. The purpose of this paper is to examine how IT and non-IT job professionals relate to motivational and social job characteristics and their impact on job satisfaction, job performance and turnover intentions. Design/methodology/approach – Data were collected from IT-shared services employees through a survey and quantitative analyses were performed. Findings – Among the motivational job characteristics, IT professionals experienced greater task significance than the non-IT job holders. With social job characteristics, IT professionals had greater outside interaction than the non-IT professionals. However, the non-IT professionals had greater intentions to leave the IT organization than the IT professionals. Additionally, the study examined the differences of the job characteristics and job outcomes among transactional, transformational, and professional advisory work groups. The professionals and advisory group differed from the other groups in terms of feedback from the job, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions. Research limitations/implications – The findings are based on a small sample. However, it highlights some unique differences in how IT and non-IT job occupants perceive job characteristics and job outcomes. Originality/value – This study compares job characteristics and job outcomes of IT and non-IT job occupations in the same IT work environment.

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Keywords Information technology, Organizational behaviour
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1108/JMD-03-2014-0025
Journal Journal of Management Development
Uruthirapathy, A.A. (Aareni A.), & Grant, G. (2015). The influence of job characteristics on IT and non-IT job professional’s turnover intentions. Journal of Management Development, 34(6), 715–728. doi:10.1108/JMD-03-2014-0025