The emerging challenge of managing increasing volumes of urban sewage has resulted in municipalities pursuing sustainable ways to manage urban biosolids and their by-products. Using content analysis of public debates, and situating the debate within science, policy and facility siting literature, this study examines claims and counterclaims relating to the siting of a biosolid processing facility in rural Ontario. The equivocal evidence on the health and environmental effects of biosolids resulted in a heated “expert versus lay” debate. The study critically evaluates the importance of trust and the shifting role of scientific evidence in politicised settings, while making relevant policy recommendations.

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Keywords biosolids, health, Ontario, policy, science
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Journal Journal of Environmental Planning and Management
Mason, S.A. (Sarah A.), Dixon, J. (Jenna), Mambulu, F. (Faith), Rishworth, A. (Andrea), Mkandawire, P, & Luginaah, I. (Isaac). (2015). Management challenges of urban biosolids: narratives around facility siting in rural Ontario. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 58(8), 1363–1383. doi:10.1080/09640568.2014.925853