Genomic and functional analysis of plant signaling systems has reached a new level and an integrated understanding of the signaling system becomes unprecedentedly critical. Versatile cell-based assays and functional genomic screening will significantly facilitate the comprehensive understanding of the complexity of signaling process. Many applications of protoplasts have been explored and described. There were some arguments or concerns in using protoplasts in gene function studies. However, many advantages of the system have been realized and proven in recent years in various physiological, biochemical, genetic, molecular biological, genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic studies.

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Keywords MiRNA, Protein–protein interaction, Protoplast, Signal transduction, SiRNA, Transient gene expression
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Journal Botany
Xing, T, & Wang, X. (Xiaojing). (2015). Protoplasts in plant signaling analysis: Moving forward in the omics era. Botany (Vol. 93, pp. 325–332). doi:10.1139/cjb-2014-0219