In this article, we examine the role that formal strategic planning plays in determining the success of strategy implementation in a set of more than 150 public service organizations from Canada. We also analyse the mediating effects of managerial involvement in strategic planning and the moderating effects of stakeholder uncertainty on the planning-implementation relationship. A structured online questionnaire was used to collect the data. Our findings suggest that formal strategic planning has a strong positive relationship with implementation, which, though mediated by managerial involvement, becomes even more salient in the face of stakeholder uncertainty. Several implications of these findings are discussed.

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Keywords implementation success, managerial involvement, public service organizations: Canada, Strategic planning, strategy implementation
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Journal Public Management Review
Elbanna, S. (Said), Andrews, R. (Rhys), & Pollanen, R. (2016). Strategic Planning and Implementation Success in Public Service Organizations: Evidence from Canada. Public Management Review, 18(7), 1017–1042. doi:10.1080/14719037.2015.1051576