Empirical data of human crowd is essential to study pedestrian behaviour. Pedestrian data under different circumstances is required to validate and assess the predictive power of pedestrian modelling tools. Different types of pedestrian data, microscopic or macroscopic, are required for different applications of pedestrian modelling. However, few pedestrian data is available in the literature. In this paper, some microscopic and macroscopic data extracted from video recordings in three different locations: Downtown Vancouver (Canada); Duisburg-Essen University (Germany); and O-train station, Ottawa (Canada) are reported. One of the videos is recorded from a controlled experiment and the two others are recorded from natural pedestrian movements. Findings of this paper can be used as benchmarks to analyze pedestrian behaviour in similar situations.

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Conference Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering 2013: Know-How - Savoir-Faire, CSCE 2013
Ashrafi, Z.R. (Z. Rashedi), & Ismail, K. (2013). Exploratory data analysis for calibration of pedestrian models. In Proceedings, Annual Conference - Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (pp. 1657–1668).