Routing is a fundamental function of any wireless network. For battery-powered underwater sensors using acoustic waves, routing is even more challenging due to an ever changing and communication-opaque ocean. Herein, we propose a shallow-water routing scheme that adapts to a unique physical phenomena of the medium. In particular, the proposed routing exploits downward and upward refractions for underwater networks comprising mobile nodes. Solutions for node-to-node links are developed before extending the concept to network routing. In particular, necessary and sufficient conditions guaranteeing the existence of a single-hop link through acoustic refraction are derived. Simulations convey results followed by concluding remarks.

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Keywords Mobile nodes, Refraction, Routing, Sensor networks
Conference 4th International Conference on Sensor Networks, SENSORNETS 2015
Blouin, S., Barbeau, M, & Kranakis, E. (2015). Refracted acoustic communications in wireless underwater sensor networks with mobility. Presented at the 4th International Conference on Sensor Networks, SENSORNETS 2015.