The upstream oil and gas sector is a strategic part of Canada's economy and an important driving force of innovation. It relies on partnerships to develop new ideas and bring them to market, adopt new knowledge and technologies to improve productivity, gain competitive advantage, and deal with environmental problems. Significant interests exist in understanding innovation in the sector, given Canada's innovation agenda, recent Speeches From the Throne, and climate change concerns. This chapter will address the meaning of innovation, the importance of the sector, key aspects of innovation in the sector and their relationships to Canada's innovation strategy.

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Keywords Climate Change, Energy, Gas, Innovation Policy, Oil, Sustainable Development, Technology
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Persaud, A.J. (A. Jai), Kumar, U, & Kumar, V. (2003). Innovation in the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector: A Strategic Sector of Canada's Economy. doi:10.1016/B978-008044198-6/50067-X