Maxwell's vector wave equations are solved for dielectric configurations that match the symmetry of a spherical computational domain. The electric or magnetic field components and the inverse of the dielectric profile are series expansion defined using basis functions composed of the lowest order spherical Bessel function, polar angle single index dependant Legendre polynomials and azimuthal complex exponential (BLF). The series expressions and non-traditional form of the basis functions result in an eigenvalue matrix formulation of Maxwell's equations that are relatively compact and accurately solvable on a desktop PC. The BLF matrix returns the frequencies and field profiles for steady states modes. The key steps leading to the matrix populating expressions are provided. The validity of the numerical technique is confirmed by comparing the results of computations to those published using complementary techniques.

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Journal Optics Express
Alzahrani, M.A. (Mohammed A.), & Gauthier, R. (2015). Spherical space Bessel-Legendre-Fourier localized modes solver for electromagnetic waves. Optics Express, 23(20), 25717–25737. doi:10.1364/OE.23.025717